Tik tok star Riyaz

As we all know. Tik Tok has set a new record worldwide. Tik Tok has become such a popular app in such a short time. Which we cannot even compare and slowly the mind of the people is being fascinated. Riyaz Ali Biography starts now.

Tik tok star Riyaz
Tik tok star Riyaz

Tik Tok star Riyaz

Tik Tok has given a new identity to many artists in India. Which also has one Riyaz Ali. Today in this article we are going to tell about Tik Tok Star Riyaz. How Riyaz Ali became a Tik Tok star and how he became a struggle behind becoming a Tik Tok star. Did he face difficulty? Usually, the popularity of Tik Tok is nothing less than YouTube and many celebrities also use Tik Tok.

Riyaz Aly biography

Riyaz Aly was born on 23 September 2003. Now Riyaz Aly age is 16 years old. Riyaz Aly hails from Jaigaon, Bhutan. Riyaz started making Tiktok in 2016. Riyaz finally succeeds after 2 years of hard work and Riyaz becomes a Tik Tok star. Behind this success is his 2 years of hard work and his dedication.

However, nobody works hard for 2 years without results. But Riyaz worked on Tik Tok continuously for 2 years and uploaded videos. Riyaz Ali has achieved the most popularity in Tik Tok at such a young age.

It is not common to be a Tiktok star. It is important to have hard work and good content to become a Tiktok star. Looking at Riyaz’s videos, it seemed as if a child artist was performing.

When Riaz Ali was 13, his school teacher used to punish him for making Tik Tok videos. Many times his phone was also broken by his friends. But after facing all these difficulties, Riyaz got success one day. Tik Tok star Riyaz is now topmost popular in India.

Riyaz’s life changed completely after becoming a Tok Tok star. People started going to them and they got calls from the big music industry for work. Seeing the growing work, Riyaz decided to stay in Mumbai and he shifted to Mumbai with his sister. After moving to Mumbai, he took his house and Mercedes car.

Riyaz has worked in a lot of hit songs. More Songs come with their music company named Desi Music Factory. This company is owned by Tony Kakkar. Due to the hard work of Riyaz, all this has become possible and today Riyas is touching the stage of heights, which is the dream of every common citizen.

To become a celebrity from a common man, hard work and dedication learned from Riyaz makes a man a hero from zero. When Riyaz started uploading videos on Tick Talk. Then his weight was around 90 kg. Riaz paid attention to her body as well as making the video.

He started the gym at the age of 14 and achieved a weight of 90 kg to 55 kg. In which his look will be even sexier. After that Riyaz’s videos started going viral and Riyaz became a tick talk star.

Riyaz Aly Wikipedia

Full Name Riyaz Afreen
Riyaz Aly Age 16 years old
Hometown Jaigaon, Bhutan
Father Afroz Afreen
Mother Shabnam Afreen
Profession Tiktoker, fashion Blogger, Influencer, Actor, Model
Popular for Liping Video, songs
Date of Birth Sunday, 14 September 2003
Sister name Reeza Afreen
Debut as Model Yaari hai (2019) song
Riyaz Aly Height 168 cm

1.68 m

5’6′ feet

Weight approx 58 kg
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black
Birthplace Jaigaon, Bhutan
Zodiac sign Virgo
Hobbies Acting, dancing, traveling
Nationality Bhutanese
Religion Islam
Cast Muslim
Riyaz Aly Tiktok @riyaz.14
Riyaz Aly Instagram @riyaz. 14
Fan Base  Tik Tok – 40 m

Instagram – 7.8 m

Total Songs 8 Songs
Riyaz Aly Hairstyle Side fade cut with medium length hair
Riyaz Aly Phone Number N/A
Riyaz Aly birthday date 14 September 2003
Riyaz Aly Girlfriend Avneet Kaur (not confirmed)
Net worth 5 crore
Riyaz Aly Fees 5 Lakh per video

Riyaz Aly hairstyle name

Riyaz Aly hairstyle is Side fade cut with medium length hairs, his hairstyle is very famous. Inspire boys from Riaz also want to know the Riyaz Aly hairstyle name.

This hairstyle is usually very famous. With this hairstyle, the face looks thin and the face looks sharp. Which makes the face look triangle. Girls also like Riyaz Aly hairstyle and most of the boys keep this hairstyle to get a nice and sexy look. So that his face is covered in a triangle shape and he can make diamond face shape. That’s why people want to know the Riyas Aly hairstyle.

Riyaz Ali Photo

We have shared with you some photos of Tik Tok Star Riyaz. We have taken Riyaz Ali photos from the official Instagram account. Some photos we took during an interview with Riyaz Ali. All these photos are done after Riyaz Ali became a Tik Tok star.
In some of these photos, Riyaz has also appeared with his sister Aafreen. Looking at these photos, you will get a little idea of ​​Riyaz Ali’s lifestyle.
Riyaz Ali lives a good lifestyle today and works hard to build his career

riyaz ali photo
source- Pinterest
riyaz ali photo
riyaz Ali photo
riyaz ali photo
riyaz Ali photo







New songs of Riyaz Aly

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