Best Top 10 netflix movies

Hello, guys today we have shared the list of top 10 Netflix movies with you. All the movies on this list are at the top ranking in India. We have included them in the top 10 list with good ratings and good reviews. We have made this list according to the rating given by our team. If you feel that in any of these movies, if we forgot any movies that should be on the list of top ten, then you can also tell us in the comment and also tell us the new movie. We will work on your query. top 10 Netflix movies list is selected on the basis of the story and direction of the movie.

Best Top 10 netflix movies
Top 10 Netflix movies

You can watch all these Top 10 Netflix movies in lockdown comfortably and this movie list will save you from getting bored. This list is the list of the top 10 Netflix movies of all time. We will keep updating this list from time to time. As of now, this list is at number one in India. But maybe in the coming time, if we have some changes in this list, then we will keep making those changes from time to time.

Netflix movies are considered very popular and are released on Netflix so that more and more people can see them and the talent of the artist working in them is appreciated. These Netflix movies earn a lot. These Top 10 Netflix Movies are released all over the world.

list of top 10 Netflix movies

SNo Top 10 movies on Netflix Year of Release Genre Overall Ratings
1 The Wrong Missy 2020 Comedy 9.5
2 Soul Surfer 2011 Inspirational Drama 9.4
3 Public Enemies 2009 Crime Drama 9.3
4 Despicable Me 2010 Family 9.2
5 The Willoughby’s 2020 Family comedy 9.1
6 Madagascar 2008 Family 9
7 Lockout 2012 Sci-fi Thriller 8.9
8 The Grinch 2018 Animated Family Drama 8.8
9 United 93 2016 Drama 8.7
10 Incridible 2 2018 Animated Family Action  Adventure 8.6

Netflix is ​​a platform in which everyone can watch content created all over the world by paying just a few cents. This content is also very good. This platform is also known as the Netflix movies ki duniya.
Because this platform provides top-rated movies. Movies are uploaded in various languages ​​in this app, most of the content is in the English language. But still, people see it a lot. That’s why people call it Netflix movies ki duniya

This list was of the top 10 movies on Netflix. We hope you liked this list very much if you are not satisfied with any of the movies in it. So you can tell us in the comment and tell us the new movie instead. We will add it to the list, we have listed this whole top 10 Netflix movie after watching it ourselves.

Netflix movies in Hindi

In this list, we have told about Netflix Movie in Hindi. All these movies are available in the Hindi language and you can go and watch them on Netflix. Also, we have shared with you the ratings of these movies and their release date. Some of these movies are also very popular which we have also included in the list of Top 10 Netflix movies. You can watch all these movies and after watching, you can tell us their review in the comment section, this is a very good movie and popular too.

List of Top 15 Best Netflix Movies in Hindi

SNo Netflix movies in Hindi Year of Release Ratings
1 Garbage 2018 9.8
2 Game Over 2019 9.7
3 Chopsticks 2019 9.6
4 Rajma Chawal 2018 9.5
5 Total Pataaka Item Maal 2018 9.4
6 Lust Stories 2018 9.3
7 Haraamkhor 2017 9.2
8 Masaan 2015 9.2
9 Soni 2018 9.1
10 Waiting 2015 9
11 Angry Indian Goddesses 2015 8.9
12 Dev D 2009 8.8
13 Guilty 2020 8.7
14 Extraction 2020 8.6
15 Talvar 2019 8.5
Top 10 netflix movies
Top 10 Netflix movies

List of Netflix movies 2019 Hindi

we have shared Top 10 Netflix movies 2019 Hindi in this list. this list helps to find movies of 2019. we have shared some movies already in the top 10 Netflix movie list. We have selected all the movies 2019 in this list and we have given them a rating wise 1 to 10 number. Which will make it easier for you to watch the best movie first.

SNo Netflix movies 2019 Hindi Ratings(based on 2019)
1 Game Over 9.5
2 Chopsticks 9.4
3 Talvar 9.3
4 Upstarts 9.1
5 Music Teacher 9
6 Bulbul 8.8
7 Cobalt Blue 8.7
8 15th August 8.6
9 Hotel Mumbai 8.4
10 fireband 8.3

Netflix movies for kids

Netflix Movies for Kids This list is specially made for children only. All the movies on this list are for children, although they can see them even older, the children will be happier to see them. All the movies in the Best Netflix Movie for Kids list are safe for children to watch and do not contain any adult content. Nor is any abusing language used in these movies. You can show these movies to your children. Or you can see them with yourself. This movie is absolutely safe and with good content. I hope you will like these movies very much, if you have any question, then you can tell us the comment

List of Netflix movies for Kids
1 Spiderman 2018
2 Boys and the world 2013
3 The Breadwinner 2017
4 Incredibles 2 2018
5 Coraline 2019
6 The adventure of Tintin 2011
7 Ralph Breaks the internet 2018
8 Avengers Infinity war 2018
9 My Life as a Zucchini 2016
10 Ant-man and The Wasp 2018
Netflix movies for family

we have included all those movies that you can watch the movie with your family. There is no sexual and abusive content in these movies. These movies are absolutely safe and secure. You can see them with your family and enjoy them. These movies are very popular in Netflix movies ki Duniya. Although I have shared some of these movies earlier also. But I have brought this list only for the dedicated Netflix Movie for Family. We have provided this list with ratings. We have included this movie after watching it ourselves. You can definitely see them and enjoy them

List of Netflix Movies for family

1 Avengers Infinity war 9.8
2 Ant-man and The Wasp 9.7
3 Men In Black 9.6
4 Back to the Future 9.5
5 Kung fu panda 9.4
6 Extraction 9.3
7 Pad Man 9.2
8 The Lunchbox 9.1
9 Queen 9
10 Manto 8.9

List of Netflix movies new releases in 2020

we are sharing some Netflix movies new releases in 2020. we will prepare a list of newly released movies of Netflix. we shared some movies in the top 10 Netflix movies list. but again we will share in a dedicated list. we will provide all movies with the date of release and ratings. we will update this list from time to time.

1 Extraction Action
2 The Lovebirds Romance
3 Spense Confidential Action
4 Uncrocked Drama
5 Lost Girl Drama
6 Tiger Tail Adventure
7 Crip Camp Documentary
8 Sergio Drama
9 The Decline Drama
10 The Half of it Drama

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