Top 30 Best Indian web series

Best Indian web series to watch in Lockdown

Hey, guy, I am back with another interesting list of Best Indian web series. 

Hello friends, today we will provide you a list of Best Indian web series. In which you will get the top 30 web series. these web series are India’s most liked web series.

People have liked these web series very much and even today people watch them. On this occasion of people down, if you are bored in the house, then we have prepared a list of 30 web series for you. You must read this list completely and go through all these web series on different platforms.
We also tell you their ratings along with these web series so that you will get a good idea of ​​which web series should be viewed first. We have placed the highest rated web series on this list and friends, we have given the rating after watching all these web series ourselves and only after public review. You will feel good after seeing them.

Best Indian web series to watch in Lockdown

This rating is shared by calculating the data on the Internet. You will get help in watching good web series. As well as friends, let us tell you that you can watch all these web series on different platforms, some web series is available for free on youtube and MX player and to watch some web series, you must have Amazon Prime and Netflix. All these web series are available in the Hindi language, so you can watch them one by one and you can save them from being bored. So see friends and have fun.

Top 30 best Indian web series List

no  Web series  Overall Rating
1 The Family Man 2019 9.3
2 Mirzapur 2018 9.2
3 Kota Factory 2019 9.2
4 Permanent Roommates 9.1
5 Inside Edge 2017 9
6 Sacred Games 2018 8.9
7 TVF Pitchers 2015 8.9
8 Panchayat 2020 8.8
9 Asur 2020 8.7


10 Special Ops 2019 8.6
11 The Forgotten Army 8.5
12 College Romance 8.5
13 Patal Lok 2020 8.5
14 TVF Tripling 2016 8.4
15 Flames 2018 8.4
16 Yeh meri family 2018 8.3
17 Bang Baaja Baaraat 8.2
18 Hostel Daze 2019 8.2
19 Breathe 2018 8.1
20 Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa 8.1
21 Baked 2015 8
22 Apharan 2018 8
23 Criminal Justice 2019 7.9
24 The Aam Adami Family 2016 7.8
25 A.I.S.H.A 2016 7.8
26 TVF Bachelors 2016 7.7
27 Official Chukyagiri 2016 7.6
28 I m Mature 2018 7.5
29 Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare 7.5
30 Pushpavalli 2017 7.3

Best Indian web series on Netflix

source- IndiaTV


In this list, we have shared the Best Indian web series on Netflix, in this list, you have been told about 10 web series. This whole web series is available on Netflix and you can go and watch them. This web series is India’s most-watched web series on Netflix. We have given you a list of all these web series. After reading this list, you can watch all these web series on Netflix.

You will get a good idea. Which web series has got so many ratings and you can see the web series with higher ratings earlier. But to see these web series, you must have an account of Netflix. Otherwise, you will not see them.
The Top 10 best Indian web series on Netflix has got a place in this list, friends, we will update this list from time to time and will keep telling you. If you got this list right or we have missed any web series, then you can tell us in the comment below.

Friends, as you all know. People are running down in India and all over the world, that’s why we have prepared this list for you, after watching all the web series given in this list, you will feel a different joy. If you are having trouble finding any web series, then you can comment on us, we will provide you the link for it. Otherwise, you will get to see this by going to Netflix and typing the name of the web series.

List of Top 10 best Indian web series on Netflix 

SNo Web series Year of Release Rating
1 Scared Games 2018 9
2 She 2020 8.8
3 Delhi Crime 2019 8.6
4 Bard of Blood 2019 8.5
5 Taj Mahal 1989 2020 8.4
6 Jamtara 2020 8.3
7 Selection day 2018 8.3
8 Little Things 2016 8.2
9 Lust Stories 2018 8.1
10 Ghoul 2018 8

Best Indian web series on amazon prime

Source- Primevideo

Friends, we will be given you a list of best Indian web series on Amazon Prime. In this list, you will find the top ten Indian web series of Amazon Prime. these web series are most liked in India. This is why we have placed them on the list of Top 10. We have also provided you the rating of these Amazon prime web series.

we will also share the release date and year of each web series. You will get to see a very good story in all these web series. We have prepared the data of all these websites after looking at ourselves.

Friends, you can watch these web series due to the lockdown and you can enjoy them. These web series will also a good story with good content and a good thriller. This drama-rich web series is trending in India. If we have missed any web series or you feel that this web series should be in the list of top ten, then you can tell us in the comment

List of Top 10 Indian web series on amazon prime

SNo Web Series Year of release overall rating
1 Mirzapur 2018 9.3
2 Made In Haven 2019 9.2
3 Breathe 2018 9
4 Pushpavalli 2017 8.9
5 Afsos 2020 8.7
6 The Family Man 2019 8.6
7 Inside Edge 2017 8.5
8 Four More Shots Please 2019 8.4
9 Laakhon Mein Ek 2017 8.3
10 Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare 2018 8.2


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