Best hindi web series on youtube

Today we are going to tell you the best Hindi web series on youtube. We have prepared a list of YouTube best web series in Hindi. In which we have told about 30 web series. This all web series is the best Hindi web series on YouTube so far.

All these web series in Hindi and you can watch YouTube for absolutely free. To see them, all you need is high-speed internet and some time. You can easily watch all these web series at the time of lockdown. This web series will not bore you at all and will keep you entertained.

Best hindi web series on youtube
Best Hindi web series on youtube

In this list, we have shared many web series. You can watch these web series one by one daily. I hope your time will be spent well, if any web series is missed by us, then you can tell us in the comment. We will definitely add to this list after watching it.

We have placed all these web series in numbers from 1 to 20. Web series with the highest rating is placed above. And the lowest score is below the web series, by the way, this whole web series comes in India’s topmost watched.

List of Best hindi web series on youtube

SNo Best Hindi web series on Youtube Genre
1 Flames Drama
2 Permanent Roommates Drama
3 College Romance Comedy-drama
4 Tripling Comedy-drama
5 Pitchers Drama
6 Men’s world drama
7 Bang Baja Baaraat Drama, comedy
8 Life Sahi hai Drama, Comedy
9 AISHA Sci-fi drama
10 Official Chukyagiri Office drama
11 Lovebytes Romance
12 Baked Drama, thriller
13 Girl in The City Drama
14 Happy to be Single Comedy Drama
15 Love Shots Romance
16 Starting Up Drama
17 Ladies Room Drama
18 Black Sheep Comedy Drama
19 The Aam Admi Family family drama
20 Fathers Drama
21 I don’t watch tv Comedy Drama
22 Alisha Comedy, crime
23 All about Section 377 Comedy
24 Engineering Girls College drama
25 Wrong Number drama
26 What’s your Status comedy-drama
27 Adulting  drama
28 Neighborhood Romance Drama
29 Operation MBBS drama
30 Cubicles Office drama

In this list, we have included 30 web series. As of now, it is at the top of the youtube web series. In the future, the ranking of this web series can be reduced and instead of them, the new web series can also take place. So we will keep updating this list from time to time.

Our job is to convey good information to you, it becomes our duty to give good information to all of you. So we will keep updating this list from time to time. If a web series is on the top of this list. So we will continue to increase the size of this list and its number will also increase. Although this website is still in trend, we are making the list as of today, we hope you will agree with our information.

Best Youtube web series in Hindi 2020

I have told you about the best YouTube web series in Hindi 2020. All these web series is launched in 2020 itself. We have prepared a list of these web series, in this list, the total web series has been released on Youtube, all have been listed. In this list, we have given web series score numbers through ratings.

All these web series are in the Hindi language and you can watch them on YouTube. Although you may have seen some of these web series before, or you will also know about some, but while making the list, we have shared all the web series of 2020 in it, the website list is as follows.

List of Best Youtube web series in Hindi 2020

  1. Wrong Number

2. Flames 2

3. Operation MBBS


4. BroChara

5. Cubicles

6. Bin Bulaye Mehmaan

7. Emergency

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